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Our Mission

We automate the music publishing administration process, collecting mechanical and digital royalties from platforms including Spotify, Rhapsody, TouchTunes, and other interactive streaming services. We license and distribute mechanical royalties. Through our technology and business processes we locate accurate metadata to help us determine if songwriters are being paid properly and on time. It also allows us to recover past revenue and make certain songwriters are paid in the future. We are focused on creating, managing, and distributing music for our clients.

Digital Services

We provide detailed data revealing song usage and performance insights. The collection of publishing royalties should be accessible to anyone from anywhere. Beyondbond Music maintains direct relationships with PROs and the publishing network in the industry.

Creative Services

We aim to augment artists’ careers and catalogs through on-and-offline branding. In addition to sync licensing, we specialize in digital licensing, live events and integrated brand partnerships.

Career Development

Our Songwriters Workshop arranges co-writing opportunities in New York City. We offer our songwriters the opportunity to craft original works for a variety of film, television, and video game productions.


Originally founded in 1999, Beyondbond represented artists with song composition abilities, blossoming into an artist management and music publishing entity.With a deep appreciation for the craft of songwriting and respect for those who practice it, we believe new digital platforms and distribution channels should be embraced. Through our direct relationships with digital streaming platforms like Spotify, we’ve brought added transparency to royalty payments and receive compensation that is due.

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